Sedation Dentistry
The Villages, FL

Relaxing through your next dental procedure isn’t something you have to worry about at Sumter Landing Dental Care in The Villages, FL. Dr. David Price is a licensed sedation dentist in The Villages, providing a calm and comfortable experience during your upcoming treatment.

Why Get Sedation Dentistry?

Today there are many different types of sedation dentistry in The Villages, Florida available. The type you choose depends on your past experiences, comfort level, and medical background. Dr. Price may recommend some type of analgesia or sedative if you:

  • Tend to be afraid of the dentist
  • Are nervous about a specific procedure
  • Need multiple or extensive treatments
  • Simply want to feel relaxed and tune things out

Electing to add sedation to your appointment may be something as simple as conscious sedation therapy which is quickly reversible and wears off in a matter of minutes. Or, you can ask Dr. Price about conscious oral sedation, which makes you feel more like you’re taking a nap.

During your consultation at Sumter Landing Dental Care, we’ll discuss the advantages of each type of sedation and help decide which one is right for you.

Sedation Example

Your Safety is Important to Us

As a licensed sedation dentist in The Villages, Dr. Price has undergone rigorous training and annual certification in sleep dentistry techniques, medication, and medical management. Throughout the duration of your procedure, you are carefully monitored by our highly trained sedation team.

The Risk of Avoiding Dental Care

Dental anxiety and phobia can cause people to put their necessary treatment off for longer than they ought to. As a result, conditions like abscessed or decaying teeth become more extensive and difficult to treat. In turn, therapy becomes more expensive or the tooth non-restorable.

Thanks to sedation, we’re able to help our patients get the care they need in a timely and comfortable manner. Contact Sumter Landing Dental Care today to learn more about the types of sedation that we offer.