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"Sumter Landing Dental is the best dental office I have ever been to. Dr. Price is courteous knowledgeable skillful efficient, he may be a wizard. The support staff is the best ever. The ladies in the front office will call you if they're running late and they're really nice people. I never waited more than 5 minutes before being called to a chair. I had major work done And the care was absolutely outstanding. And by the way, the dental technicians who clean teeth are the best in the business. I cannot recommend them to highly."
- Allan Crowell

"I have been going to this dental office ever since it opened. The office staff and the dentists are friendly and knowledgeable. I have never been advised to have unnecessary dental work only work that absolutely needed to be completed. I highly recommend this dental practice."
- Mary Hipp

"Dr. Patel is awesome, I was in extreme pain and he stayed late to make sure he took care of me. Very friendly and experience staff."
- Nini Smith

"Highly professional and friendly office with great dentists and staff! I have been a patient here since they opened and they have handled my care with extreme courtesy and always are willing to go the extra mile. I recommend this office to all my friends and family in the area and highly recommend it here..."
- Alison M.

"Very nice dental office. Everyone is friendly. If you don't have insurance they have a plan to pay once a year which will include 2 cleaning, and x-rays once a year. It is a great deal. They are not pushy about needing work done. And they have a massage therapist in the waiting room to give you a complimentary quick back rub."
- Susan Gadbois Ruiter

"Earlier this morning, after visiting relatives in The Villages, I had a dental emergency and broke a tooth. I called Sumpter Landing Dental Care, speaking with Bella the Office Manager. After explaining what had happened and that I was out of town leaving on a cruise tomorrow morning. They had me immediately come into the practice. They made room for me to be seen by their very accommodating and extremely friendly staff. I was greeted by Alysia, the dental tech. She evaluated me and then briefed the dentist. I was seen by Dr. Aoun, who was looked at the issue. Dr. Aoun was very nice and friendly and quickly completed the work to get me on my way. I was then met by the staff who completed my paperwork and got me done and out the door. I would highly recommend Sumter Landing Dental Care to anyone who needed to obtain a dental professional. My sincere thank you to everyone who assisted me today."
- Thomas McGraw

"I now have beautiful teeth that fit properly, don't hurt, work wonderfully, and did I mention that they are beautiful! I very much appreciate the good natured kindness, courtesy and professionalism of the front desk crew of Michelle, Peggy, Katherine, and Jennifer the office manager; an absolutely outstanding group of professionals.
I greatly benefited from the thoughtful care, skill and technical expertise of Alicia, Cory, and Somattie, the dental technicians. I admired their team work, and marveled at their thoughtful and graceful ministrations. Their skills and professionalism made my lengthy procedures as pleasant and painless as possible.
After a bit of searching for a dentist, I went to Sumter Landing Dental Care where I met Jennifer and Dr. David Price, DDS. I was immediately impressed by the fact that they listened to me describe what I thought would b e a desirable outcome, then walked me through some decisions to clarify my desires, and then after an examination presented me with a plan to accomplish the outcome that I wanted. That was a great day.
Dr. Price exudes confidence without any hint of arrogance. One instantly gets the feeling that this guy really knows his stuff, that he likes what he does, and is very good at it. He pulled teeth, drilled holes in my jaw bones, inserted implants, all of which caused rather significant trauma to the gums and I healed almost instantly without any pain medication stronger than over the counter ibuprofen. My layman’s opinion is that there is ample opportunity for something to “go sideways” when undergoing this much work, but the good Dr. Price is very experienced, skillful and thorough. Everything went according to plan; no problems, no infections, no do-overs, no mistakes. I followed directions and did my part but clearly the flawless outcome I have experienced is due to the professionalism of Dr. Price and his staff. I am so glad that I met these folks and had them do this work for me.
Thanks again to all of you fine folks."
- Allan E.

"Dear Dr. Price,
I would like to take this opportunity to thank you and your staff for the comprehensive treatment I have received in your care. I came in for a visit on Friday, May 24th, with pain in my right jaw. It felt like something hard (like a tooth) was coming down through the gum. After reviewing the x-rays and pictures and doing an oral examination, you patiently explained to me that it was a bone coming down in the gum, but it was not something that I should be worried about.You took the ti eco show me pictures of patients with this problem and explained that I was no where near needing any kind of surgical procedure. That felt very reassuring. I went immediately and bought Ora Jel mouth rinse that you recommended (in the blue wrapper) and followed the instructions. Almost immediately the pain subsided and today there is only a trace of discomfort. I feel so reassured that the issue with the gum pain was exactly as you diagnosed. Thank you for your time and patience in treating."
- Carole L.

"I am 63 and have never had issues with my teeth before. Dr. Price has fixed the problems I was having with 2 teeth as quickly and painlessly as I could have ever imagined. I am now back to my regular 6 month cleanings. I would highly recommend him and his staff."
- Connie S.

"Doctor Price did my procedure wonderfully after having 3 different practices tell me they couldn’t do it. Couple months post procedure and everything is perfect."
- Christopher R.