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At Sumter Landing Dental Care our Hybridge certified doctors make it their mission to not only bring back their patients smile but to also fully restore their dental function. In doing so, Hybridge patients experience life-changing results.

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Dental Implants
The Villages, FL

Do you need to restore your entire smile? Full mouth rehabilitation cases don’t necessarily mean that you have to wear dentures, but most people assume that replacing all of their teeth prevents them from getting dental implants. Thanks to Hybridge implants, you can enjoy a new, permanent smile that’s anchored onto a limited number of strategically placed implant restorations. Since implants are so durable, they’re able to work as a set to fully support the weight of your overall bite. Plus, they’re faster and longer lasting that other types of full arch implant rehabilitation.

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What is Hybridge?

Hybridge implants are a hybrid type of restoration that are shaped like an extended dental bridge. The single unit is permanently affixed onto as few as five implants in each arch (upper and lower.) There’s no need to wear a removable overdenture that snaps in and out. Hybridge stays in place all day long for a secure and comfortable fit.

The contoured design of Hybridge implants provides:

  • Faster results
  • Enhanced comfort
  • Easier adjustments to eating and speaking
  • Support of your facial tissues/profile
  • The integrity of dental implants
  • Slimmer shape than a conventional denture
  • Stronger than conventional dentures
  • No sore spots or messy adhesives

Since typical dental bridges can’t replace more than 4-5 teeth at a time, Hybridge is one of the best ways to enjoy a tooth replacement treatment that feels more like your natural smile. Nothing covers the roof of your mouth to interfere with eating and speaking. Rather, Hybridge follows the natural contour of your anatomical bite.

Candidates for Hybridge Treatment
If you qualify for dental implants and need to replace all of your upper or lower teeth, then ask our dentist in The Villages if Hybridge is right for you. Since we can adjust where the implants are placed, even non-conventional patients may find that Hybridge is the best alternative to a traditional denture.

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Before Hybridge
After Hybridge
Before Hybridge
After Hybridge
Before Hybridge
After Hybridge

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Join the many happy patients who have used Hybridge dental implants to change their smile and their lives, and let us devise a treatment plan catered to you and your needs. For more information schedule a Hybridge consultation today!